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Barb Levis
Senior Associate
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As a Senior Associate at Prophet Equity, Barb currently serves in the Office of the President of WM Coffman Resources, HLI Energy Services, Keywell Metals and Francis Drilling Fluids Ltd helping to optimize operations and implement growth initiatives. Ms. Levis also participates in many areas of primary and secondary research, analysis, and formulation of reports and recommendations based upon research findings. Barb also manages the company’s information technology needs.

Prior to this role, she worked as a Management Consultant at Accenture and at Deloitte Consulting. As a Senior Manager in the Strategic Services Group at Accenture, Barb specialized in information technology strategy, business and technology architecture, planning and research both as a team member and as a project manager. She also participated in a global team devising the global strategy for Accenture, leading the data analysis team. Following the development of the strategy, Barb continued to work in this internal group taking on additional strategic projects. At Deloitte Consulting, Barb worked as a Manager as part of the Information Technology practice, providing services to public and private sector clients in the areas of identifying developing systems strategy, strategic systems direction, re-engineering business processes and designing and conducting methodology training.

Barb has an MBA from the University of Ottawa and a Bachelor of Commerce from Carleton University, both in Canada.